Thursday, October 12, 2006

after a while!

Hi every body
It has been long since I have appeared in my blog. My blog seems t do not work some time so it has stopped me form writing and I have also been busy with my studies it was full of exams. We are in our holiday now and we might have our ho0liday for three weeks. And I am trying to use my holiday properly.
I have appeared again after a year. It is so long time we have celebrated our New Year which is 1999 in our calendar. We have to wait one more year to have the millennium. It is one of our biggest holidays we have.
I will write some more soon!
Here I have attaching my recent photo. The photo is from the Blue Nile falls.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Happy Ethiopian New Year!!

Hello every body
We just celebrate our New Year yesterday. It is one of the big celebrations in Ethiopia. And it also made as unique form all over the world, because we do have our own calendar. It is 1998 here in Ethiopia so we do have two more years to celebrate the millennium.
The dry season is coming it will start this month and it will finish in June so the other thing that is different is our season we do have just two seasons rainy season and dry season. Three month rainy season and nine month dry season.
I wish you all a happy and successful Ethiopian New Year!!
Bye! bye!
I will write soon!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

after long time

Hi there
I did not appear on my page for a long time. I did not do a lot in this rainy season. It is the rainy season in Ethiopia. The rainy season is for three months. And the weather in Bahir Dar is perfect. It is sunny at the day time and rainy in the evening.
Last month hi have celebrated my birth day, which was the 26 of June. And it was my 19th birth day. I enjoyed my birth day very much.
Also by the time I did not appear on my page there was the national election that took place in all over Ethiopia. And the party on power has won again. So they will lead the country for the 5 years again.
I will write more soon!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Back to Bahir Dar

Hi every one.
I just arrive in Bahir Dar today after two days bus travel. I came to Bahir Dar with you friends called Richard and Siga. They came with me to see the beautiful Bahir Dar. The bus journey was very nice and it was a kind of tiring. We left Addis at 12am. And we were even driving in the night.
I am very pleased to see my home town again. I believe it the best town in all Ethiopia. May be it is because it is my home town. Now it is very hot here in Bahir Dar.
Last time I did not finish my story about the tour I had in the south. Let me tell you some thing about the tour the main rout.
On the 21st of February we went to Arba minich which means 40 springs. We went to the nech enaser national park in the 22nd of februarry and I saw as National Park as the first time. It was wonderful. We saw so many wild animals like zebra, greater kudu, Dikdik, warthog, fox.
And in the next day we went to the place that will lead us to the Omo valley. Which called Jinka and while we were driving to Jinka we met Richard on the break fast break. And then the group grows to four which is me, sally, siga and Richard. And we finally get to Jinka in late afternoon. And we stayed two nights and left to the Omo valley with the NTO (National Tour Operation). We even if it was paid by Sally Siga and Richard) rent the car for three days. So I was invited by three of them to explore the Omo valley.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

southern Ethiopia

Hi every one!
I am kassahun from Bahir Dar. I am 18years and man from Ethiopia. I am studying journalism in the Bahir Dar University. By now I am in Addis just arriving from Harar from the eastern part of Ethiopia. I had a wonderful time in Harar I have seen a hayna man. The old town which has got fence round and have 5 main intrance for the town I have seen more or less all gets. I was invited by a friend from England called Sally still to travel all over Ethiopia. I started my traveling on the 4th of January and I am finishing soon.
I also went to Babile which is 30km from Harar. And I have the valley of marvels. It was wonderful to see a place which full of artistic rocks, especially the balanced rock on the top of the other rock.
Earlier in the week we went to the southern part of Ethiopia. Southern part of Ethiopia is full of ethnics. I have seen over 5 tribes they all were lovely and they all have similarity but you pick which tribe they belong to with their hair style and rarely with their dressing. My favorite was the Hamers. The even invited us to go and see their traditional dancing. It was wonderful. It was very hot and romantic dancing. It was fascinating. We all enjoyed it so much. And if i am not mistaken they were the most beautiful tribe. Their dancing was called Evangadi and it is popular all over Ethiopia.
Okay I will write more soon!!!

Traveling in Ethiopia

i have started traveling in Ethiopia last january i had a wonderful time travleing in my own country. i am finishing my traveling in the coming monday i will get back home hopefully on monday. i will write more pritie soon......